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Kakaako Travel Deals and Rentals Guide

During off-season, many hotels in Kakaako also offer packages and deals at discount rates to attract more visitors. Book your reservations as early as possible to take advantage of special deals and discount rates. You also don't need to worry about your options for accommodations because there are different kinds of accommodations you can choose from. You can find single rooms in restored plantation homes, small cottages at beaches, condos with ocean views, and suites in beachfront resorts. With a good variety of options, you will surely find one that would be right for your budget. If you wish to stay in a hotel but you have a limited budget, there are many affordable hotels that offer cozy rooms. If you want resort-type accommodations, ask us about affordable resort-type establishments in Kakaako. For your convenience, we can look for an accommodation that's near the beach or tourist spots.

Now when it comes to basic transportation your most obvious choices are going to be car rentals, Turo, or a combination of Uber and the island public bus service known as The Bus. You might be a bit taken aback by the prices when renting a car at the airport from a national car rental company like Hertz, Alamo, Enterprise, or Budget. There are actually local car rental companies nearby that offer rentals for half of such prices and some will deliver the car right to your location.

Turo is another alternative to consider. Founded in 2009, Turo is a car rental marketplace where you can rent any car you want, wherever you want it, and when you want it. Owners of the cars can earn extra money when they’re not using their car which can then be used for anything they want. However, even doing a quick search for Turo reviews online, there are reports of reservations being canceled and refunds not being honored, resulting in frustrating experiences for people who tried to rent cars. There are also complaints of people having been overcharged all kinds of questionable cleaning, damage, or late fees and ending up paying more than what a traditional car rental would have cost. There will always be negative instances with any kind of service so you just need to decide if you’re comfortable with the risks. At the very least, do your due diligence. Furthermore, Turo is not BBB accredited.

Uber is a ride sharing network that launched in 2012 and is also available in Kakaako. It was built to circumvent the expensive and substandard service of monopoly cab companies. Uber revolves around unlicensed/non-taxicab drivers providing taxi-like services but using newer personal vehicles instead of decrepit old yellow rustbuckets. However, Uber has been accused of inadequate screening and background checks when it accepts new drivers. In the USA, taxi companies employ what is called a Live Scan fingerprinted background check, a standard for vetting teachers, doctors, paramedics, and any professionals who work in high liability environments. Live Scan searches US Department of Justice and FBI databases for the last 10 years. Instead of Live Scan, Uber uses Hirease. This investigation service does not use fingerprint records; instead, Hirease searches by credit agencies and social security numbers. Hirease searches only go back 7 years. Furthermore, Uber drivers do not need to actually meet an Uber interviewer to become a driver. The application process is completely virtual. Safety concerns have been raised after Uber drivers were reportedly involved in sexual assault against passengers, as well as other crimes. For example in March 2016, two Uber drivers in East Lansing, Michigan, were arrested on sexual assault charges stemming from incidents where they inappropriately touched female Michigan State University students. What's interesting is that such sexual harrasment incidents are echoed within the Uber company itself. On February 20, 2017, former Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler stated that she was sexually harassed by a manager and threatened with termination by another if she continued to report the incident. CTO Thuan Pham had knowledge of Susan Fowler's sexual harassment allegation at Uber and her manager's threatened retaliation, and did nothing; CEO Travis Kalanick was also reportedly aware of the harassment issues. In October 2014, Uber received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which cited complaints over unexpectedly high charges and lack of response to customer complaints. Kalanick received a letter, dated November 19, 2014, from U.S. Senator Al Franken, Chairman of the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, over user privacy. In addition to a list of 10 questions, Franken stated that the company had a "troubling disregard for customer privacy" and that he was "especially troubled because there appears to be evidence of practices inconsistent with the policy [Uber spokesperson] Ms. Hourajian articulated" and that "it appears that on prior occasions your company [Uber] has condoned use of customers' data for questionable purposes." Concerns have been raised about internal misuse of the company's data, in particular the ability of Uber staff to track the movements of its customers, known as "God View".

A greater problem with using both Turo and Uber is that drivers are not allowed to deliver their rides to the airport because of regulations in place by Honolulu Airport.

Now when it comes to other transportation rentals in Kakaako range from cars to boats and even helicopters. The newly popular bike rental machines are also here under the name Bicky's. There is also the construction of a light rail called HART under way. Don't forget the option to rent jet skis and scuba gear too here in Kakaako.

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A Tour of Rentals and Deals in Kakaako

Kakaʻako is a commercial and retail district of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi between Ala Moana near Waikīkī to the east and downtown Honolulu and Honolulu Harbor to the west.

"Our Kakaʻako" is a residential and commercial project led by Kamehameha Schools and Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaiʻi Inc. that aims to improve Hawaiʻi's urban-island lifestyle. The $60 million project will add 183 homes to Kakaʻako, with 88 rental units to be developed by Kamehameha Schools and Castle & Cooke developing the remaining 95 units for buyers. The project will redevelop existing properties in Kakaʻako for residential and commercial space, as well as integrate mid-block pedestrian crossways, networked walking paths, complete streetscapes, green spaces, and unique retail experiences. Our Kakaʻako is estimated to take 15–20 years to complete.

"Salt" is one of the new developments of Kamehameha Schools' master plan, designed for locals and visitors to enjoy a cosmopolitan environment accompanied with green and open-air spaces. It will serve as a marketplace that includes a variety of local retailers and restaurateurs. In accordance to Kamehameha Schools' sustainability efforts, Our Kakaʻako plans to reuse existing warehouses and other structures to preserve the feel of Kakaʻako. The area where the new commercial building will be has become the home of the world-renowned artist-gathering POW! WOW! and the Honolulu Night Market. The development of Salt aims to cater to a larger and more creative demographic in the Kakaʻako area.

We can help you save money by directing you to the best services for the best price in Kakaako on everything down to food and gas in real time. We are local residents aware of rentals and price fluctuations that online travel guides cannot keep up with. Our local guides are experts at budgeting in one of the most expensive places on earth while still enjoying the best of what the island has to offer. Our goal is to maximize your vacation enjoyment while saving you money, rather than charging you for everything under the sun the way an expensive all inclusive tour agency does. Imagine the freedom of having a personal tour guide and trip advisor on call through the convenience of your mobile phone!












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