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Waikiki Travel Deals and Nightlife Guide

Days spent at the beach are followed with nights of dancing at the clubs. It’s a Hawaiian tradition. This is hardly New York, mind you. Honolulu’s club scene is much more laid-back. The dress codes are relaxed, the clubbers far less intense and the staff usually know who’s coming in the door. There is little point in arriving before midnight. It is possible to beat the weekend rush of people coming from the just-closed bars and pubs by arriving prior to 1 a.m. Otherwise, the entrance line provides the opportunity to win over a few new party friends before going inside. The clubs are located a few blocks inland from the beach. It’s best to take a quick 5-minute taxi ride from the major hotels or other area bars. Waikiki’s dance clubs are casual by big-city standards. In addition to the dance spots, Honolulu’s strip clubs are popular party spots, even among local women.

In Waikiki, the casually elegant Rumfire is right on the beach at the Sheraton, and it’s a winner of a location. It has the an open-air bar and two patios, plus it recently recently expanded to include the entire pool area. Shorts, rum and a sensational view make it one of Waikiki’s best spots. Don’t be bashful about arriving long before midnight. Just bring a credit card to maximize the menu of the great rum drinks; the rum is from all over the world and drinks are in the $12-20 range. It also has a good Happy Hour with live entertainment (5-7, seven days a week) and a cool crowd in a Vegas-style lounge that’s still casual because it’s right on the beach. For a while the clubs were spread out all over Honolulu but most of the clubbing action is now in Waikiki itself. One of the most popular dance spots is Lotus, with its three rooms and packed weekend crowds ($10 cover, long pants required but stylish tees okay). “It’s the sickest club in town,” one local says. Then again, it was one pretty sick local that said it. Locals, and some tourists, dance till sometimes dawn at Zanzabar (Waikiki Trade Center). Venus Nightclub & Lounge is another really late-night spot; there’s a club with the nearly all-night lounge around the corner.

The Ocean Club at Restaurant Row is a bar and dance club. It’s most popular among well-dressed locals on Tuesdays and the last Saturday of each month it has something called the “piranha room.” Here, people start lining up at around 10. Shorts and not even jeans are not allowed – this is definitely a “scene” club. Like its popular cousins in New York and Los Angeles, the W Hotel at the base of Diamond Head has a lively lounge. The view from the bar is tough to beat, and we don’t just mean the ocean. On Fridays and Saturdays, this is where the classy and affluent singles mainly in their 30s and 40s can be found. The problem with the W is that it could be anywhere – Dallas, Atlanta, New York – and there’s no hint of Hawaii. For a much more Hawaiian leid-back style, Lulu’s Surf Club is a hip nightspot with a view overlooking Waikiki Beach. The people are fun, the drinks are strong and the food is good, making it a place to really hang loose. It’s one of the city’s best places to hang loose on a Monday for SIN night. A similar scene is evident at the exclusive John Dominis. It is a bit expensive, but has style. Diamond Head did not used to be the only landmark in Honolulu. For decade, it was The Wave, as much of a local ritual as tanning, it as big a legend as The Duke. At least it was, until condo developers came in and took over the property, reducing The Wave to a mere memory. Progress? Not for the party people.

The strip clubs in Honolulu are so good, even women frequent them. Unlike other major metropolitan cities, Honolulu strip clubs allow full nudity while getting drunk as a skunk (hard booze, beer & $100 bottle of Korbel champagne for the ladies). Although touching the dancers is not allowed, many of the dancers will touch you (over and over again). Some of the most famous porn stars can be seen in Honolulu for special performances. Plus, many of the strip clubs serve outstanding free food and $2 beers at Happy Hour. Local favorites are Rock Za because it has the hottest chicks, Deja Vu – almost as “infamous” as Rock Za – Femme Nu because the girls tend to touch a lot and Exotic Nights because it has, according to one local, “the most bang for the buck.”

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A Tour of Nightlife and Deals in Waikiki

Waikiki (also known as Waikiki Beach) is a beachfront neighborhood of Honolulu, on the south shore of the island of Oʻahu, in Hawaii, United States. Waikiki is most famous for Waikīkī Beach, but it is just one of six beaches in the district, the others being Queen's Beach, Kuhio Beach, Gray's Beach, Fort DeRussy Beach and Kahanamoku Beach.

Waikīkī is home to public places including Kapiʻolani Park, Fort DeRussy, Kahanamoku Lagoon, Kūhiō Beach Park, and Ala Wai Harbor. The name Waikīkī means spouting fresh water in the Hawaiian language, for springs and streams that fed wetlands that once separated Waikīkī from the interior. The area was a retreat for Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s who enjoyed surfing there on early forms of longboards.

Several hotels in Waikiki actually offer nightlife for their guests. When staying in a hotel, check with the concierge if they have nightlife that won't require you to pay a fortune. Another way to search for nightlife is to buy a local newspaper.

We can help you save money by directing you to the best services for the best price in Waikiki on everything down to food and gas in real time. We are local residents aware of nightlife and price fluctuations that online travel guides cannot keep up with. Our local guides are experts at budgeting in one of the most expensive places on earth while still enjoying the best of what the island has to offer. Our goal is to maximize your vacation enjoyment while saving you money, rather than charging you for everything under the sun the way an expensive all inclusive tour agency does. Imagine the freedom of having a personal tour guide and trip advisor on call through the convenience of your mobile phone!












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